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Slimming Celery Smoothie: Diet Smoothie Recipes – Soupnspoon

Slimming Celery Smoothie: Diet Smoothie Recipes

To lose weight, it is not necessary to torture yourself with starvation diets or be content with crumbs of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is better to buy celery. Many people think that a vegetable is only a tasty, fragrant food supplement, but this is not so. Experienced nutritionists advise using it while cooking in order to quickly lose weight without harming the body. The article describes celery smoothie recipes for weight loss, gives recommendations on how to prepare dietary low-calorie cocktails, and also clarifies how this vegetable affects the human body.

Benefits of celery for weight loss

First, let’s discuss the composition of the vegetable in order to understand what we are dealing with. The leaves and roots of this vegetable contain useful amino acids (tyrosine, carotene, tyrosine, asparagine, nicotinic acid), trace elements, and essential oils. The composition also contains vitamins of groups I, E, K, A and ascorbic acid. Amino acids, vitamins, minerals accelerate the recovery of cells and tissues, which helps many women slow down aging.

Vitamins, essential oils help eliminate problems in the gastrointestinal tract. The root of the vegetable tones the human body, and still does not allow fat to be deposited. Dishes, smoothies or juices from a vegetable help to cleanse the intestines, accelerate digestion. That is, with the help of celery, many get rid of excess weight, improve their overall well-being.
How to prepare a cocktail

A celery smoothie is a low-calorie drink option. To prepare it, you will need certain ingredients and a good mood. Such drinks promote fat burning and are considered effective drinks that are fast acting, but provided that you visit the gym during the diet. Any of the following cocktails can be prepared by mixing the ingredients, after which they are whipped with a blender. You can use a juicer instead of a blender, however, you will not get a drink, but a puree.

What’s better than cooking at home? The fact is that manufacturers of many detoxes add preservatives, stabilizers, thickeners and many other chemicals to powdered shakes that will not help you burn excess fat. In homemade smoothies, you will know that you are adding only natural healthy ingredients. They also have no sugar, as a result, smoothies from celery and fruits for weight loss are sweet on their own. So they are much healthier than store-bought cocktails.

Cocktail and celery stalk

Slimming Smoothie Recipes

You don’t have to go on expensive detox diets to improve your metabolism. Get the perfect slim figure with a delicious, low-calorie celery smoothie. It can be prepared at home using homemade products and a blender. After a couple of weeks of taking this drink along with a healthy diet, as well as playing sports, your figure will resemble photos from fashion magazines. Next, we will discuss popular weight loss recipes that will help normalize metabolism.

with an apple

To prepare this drink, we need medium green apples (2 pieces), a stem (1 piece), water (500 ml). Apples must be peeled and pitted inside, cut into small cubes. We remove all the leaves from the plant so that only the stem remains, cut into medium pieces. We load all the ingredients into a blender, and then beat. Vitamin and healthy drink to start the day is ready.

with banana

To prepare this drink, you should take 2 bananas (ripe, not green), stalk, water (500 ml). Bananas are peeled, cut into medium circles. We clean the stem from the leaves, grind it into small cubes. Pour all the ingredients into a blender, add water, beat. A nice tasty cocktail is ready and you can drink it.

with cucumbers

To prepare a drink, we need juicy stems with leaves (2 pieces); medium tomatoes (2 pieces); medium cucumber (1 piece), small grapefruit (1 piece). Before cooking, peel the tomatoes, cucumber, grapefruit from the peel, and the plant from the leaves. Then cut all the ingredients into small pieces, transfer to a blender. We beat. At the end, add a little mineral water without gas. It can be poured a little, then you get a thick mousse that you can eat with a spoon, or add more to drink as a cocktail.

with spinach

To prepare the next fresh, you need to take the main vegetable (2 pieces), spinach leaves (1 glass), juice of half a lime, banana (1 piece), water (500 ml). We clean the vegetable from the leaves, and finely chop the spinach. Peel the banana and then cut into small pieces. We send vegetables and fruits to a blender and mix. Then add lime juice and a glass of water. Stir again and then pour into a clean glass. Spinach will cleanse your body of harmful toxins, replenish it with vitamins and minerals for the whole day.

with carrots

To prepare this drink, we need a thick stem (3 pieces), a green apple (1 piece), a medium-sized carrot (1 piece). All ingredients are thoroughly washed and cleaned. Then they need to be cut into medium pieces, poured into a blender, and then chopped. During mixing, it is recommended to move the blender rod up and down, this will enrich the drink with oxygen. After mixing, pour the mixture into a bowl and eat with a teaspoon with pleasure.

With apple and kiwi

To prepare this quick cocktail, take the following ingredients: green apple (2 pieces); water (half a glass); celery (1 piece); medium-sized kiwi (2 pieces). To prepare this low-calorie dish, you need to peel apples and kiwis, cut them into medium cubes. Then we clean the stem from the leaves, finely chop it. Put all the ingredients in a blender, add water, and then beat. A refreshing and delicious cocktail is ready.

With cucumber and apple

The following recipe for a healthy drink says that for cooking you need to take the vegetable itself (2 stalks); green apple (1 piece), cucumber (1 piece), dates (2-3 pieces), water (500 ml), juice of half a lemon (teaspoon). We remove the leaves from the plant, peel the cucumber with the apple, and remove the seeds from the dates. Finely chop all the cleaned ingredients, then put them in a blender. Beat well, add lemon juice, cinnamon, cardamom or nutmeg as desired. Pour the finished nutmeg smoothie into a glass and garnish with mint.

with parsley

The following recipe for a celery drink for weight loss includes the vegetable itself (2 stalks), medium ripe carrots (2 pieces), overripe banana, fat-free kefir (1 tablespoon), white or dark honey (teaspoon), cinnamon (50 grams), parsley (bunch), water (500 ml). We clean the plant from leaves, carrots and bananas from the peel, and cut off the ends from parsley. We cut all the ingredients into small cubes.

Then we transfer the products to a blender, pour the ingredients with water. After that, pour kefir, add chopped parsley with honey. Beat until smooth, season with cinnamon, and then beat again. Such a drink can be taken in a hot summer, it relieves thirst. Suitable for taking in the evening. Parsley will help you feel a surge of energy, and in the evening – calm your nerves so that you can sleep peacefully.
green smoothie

For cooking you will need:

3 stems;
2 sprigs of parsley;
sprouted wheat grains (about 2 tablespoons);
honey (teaspoon);
a glass of mineral water.

Grind wheat grains that have sprouted a little in a coffee grinder, add peeled vegetables, and then pour them into a blender. After that, add peeled lemon slices, honey, mineral water. Whisk all this, and after the formation of foam, pour into a glass. If desired, you can add mint and enjoy the mint flavor. The celery diet drink is ready.

with avocado

To prepare a delicious buttery fresh juice, you will need avocado (1 piece), main vegetable (1 stem), ginger root (1 piece), lime juice (1 teaspoon), olive oil (1 teaspoon), salt (a pinch), water ( 500 ml). Put the peeled and chopped vegetables and ginger into a blender. Then add lime juice and olive oil. Add a pinch of salt and water at the end. Mix everything in a blender, pour into a glass and drink with pleasure.

Avocados are high in monosaturated fats. Therefore, such a cocktail can become a strong competitor in the battle between animal products. This celery drink will freshen up your body, and ginger will saturate the drink with an incredible aroma. After drinking such a drink, you can not worry about your health – ginger and avocado increase immunity. And lime will help eliminate toxins and have a calming effect on the nervous system, which will help you fall asleep faster.


Vegetable fresh with celery for weight loss is also called salad: tomatoes, cucumbers and dill are added to it. According to the recipe for cooking, you will need the vegetable itself (1 stem), dill (several branches), cucumbers (1 large or 2 small), tomatoes (2 pieces). Grind all products and put in a blender. Grind well, add lemon juice and mix again. Your runny salad is ready. Such a celery drink for weight loss will be much healthier and more satisfying than fruit. It contains many vitamins and minerals, and its taste will fill your morning with bright colors.

Vegetable smoothie with celery
with orange

The following vitamin smoothie recipe is perfect for a great start to the day. It is very simple, there are only 3 items in the list of ingredients:

orange (1 piece);
plant stem (2 pieces);
water (500 ml).

We peel the orange and divide it into slices, and we get rid of the leaves from the plant. Put vegetables and fruits in a blender, mixing thoroughly. After that, add a glass of water and mix again until foam appears. Decorate with chopped walnuts and drink to health. It will take you 15 minutes to prepare the liquid, and the effect will be noticeable within a few hours. You will feel energized all day long after drinking a celery smoothie for quick weight loss.

How to drink smoothies with celery

In order to lose weight correctly and quickly, you need to do more than just prepare cocktails every day or take them all the time. Many nutritionists advise drinking this drink for breakfast and dinner. This will contribute to the appearance of energy for the whole day, and the cocktail also normalizes the basic metabolism in the body. Next, consider the correct intake of fresh juice in the morning, afternoon and evening in order to lose weight.

For breakfast

If you take a smoothie in the morning, then you will save about 15 minutes for gathering or meditation. We recommend drinking only vegetable or fruit cocktails. It will energize you, speed up your metabolism and boost your mood. Concentrated pomace will be especially useful. They contain many minerals, vitamins, amino acids, but this is a very high-calorie drink. If you are overweight, we recommend drinking 200 g of the mixture, because this smoothie is very sweet. Fresh can even replace morning food, because it has the optimal amount of calories.

For dinner

If you have chronic fatigue, then in the evening we recommend taking a celery drink with honey, cinnamon and lemon juice. You can drink a cocktail with an apple and lime in the evening. The taste is unsurpassed. And the combination of the main vegetable with an apple will help you not only burn extra calories, but also have vivid dreams at night. In any case, a smoothie with celery for weight loss can replace your breakfast or dinner, which will positively affect your body.
Smoothie Diet

Overweight girls are trying to fight with the help of diets. Nutritionists very often recommend celery smoothies to patients. There are two effective diets – the seven-day smoothie diet and the three-day smoothie diet:

The first way is to drink cocktails daily for 7 days. Every day for weight loss you need to consume a glass of celery smoothie 4 times a day. The time interval of reception is 2-3 hours.
The second diet is more gentle, because you can replace one of the three meals with cocktails. In the morning and in the afternoon you can eat meat (boiled), kefir (fat-free) or vegetables.